Chamundi Hill, Mysore, Karnataka

  • This photograph of the Sri Nandi Temple, taken in the 1895s by an unknown photographer, is from the Curzon Collection's 'Souvenir of Mysore Album'. 

  • The Chamundi hill is a rocky hill about two miles south-east of the Fort of Mysore  Karnataka, India. 

  • A flight of stone steps leads to the top of the hill, and two-thirds of the way up, cut out of the solid rock ( granite ) , is a colossal figure of Nandi, the sacred Bull. 

  • The caption notes of the photographer read: ''...16 feet in height. It has been cut out of the solid rock, and, though the carving does not entitle it to be considered a work of art, yet, the gigantic size, the correct proportions, and the labour expended on it command admiration. "

Chamundi Hill, Mysore, Karnataka