Amazing Story Of 'Hamara Bajaj'!

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Bajaj was one of the first companies to launch a locally made motorcycle in India through a tie-up with Kawasaki of Japan. Even when the demand for scooters faded away in the late 1990s, Bajaj changed its gears and worked around the shift to stay relevant.

And who can forget Bajaj Chetak, one of the most-loved two-wheelers in India.

The Chetak, named after the famous horse of Maharana Pratap, was more than a sturdy workhorse for the middle-class -- it was a matter of pride. Cars were still a luxury when Chetak reigned.

And this tryst continued for years. Even when Chetak lost its market value with the entry of the gearless morph Kinetic Honda, it did not lose its place in the hearts of the masses.

Today, we may own a snazzy new scooty, but the Chetak is still what many of us grew up with and will connect with as 'Hamara'.

Amazing Story Of 'Hamara Bajaj'!